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Make a Difference

The Grace UMC community knows the difference service can make. Coming alongside others is part of our faith journey. When we serve, we better understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Throughout the year, our Mission Team creates multiple ways to serve.

Cape Central Middle School

Our partnership with Central Middle School provides ample opportunities to support students and staff. Grace UMC members offer their time as tutors and mentors. We take part in "done in a day" activities to care for for the Cape Central community. This is a ministry that has room to grow and see exponential change happen in the lives of Cape Girardeau children and their families


Throughout our 165+ years, Grace UMC has invested in many programs and organizations that make a difference. A local food pantry, a center that helps families make a fresh start, a program that assists women leaving abusive homes, support for foster families are just some of the ways we have provided people and funding. We know it's important to make investments close to home and around the world. 


Grace UMC has a decades-long commitment to Scouting. Young people are able to grow in mind, body and spirit and prepare to take their place as members of their communities. 

Grace supports three scouting groups, a Cub Scout pack for boys and girls, a scout troop for mid-high and high school boys and girls and a scout troop for mid-high and high school boys. 

To learn about scouting at Grace UMC, contact the church office. 

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Granting Grace

Granting Grace Outreach is a non-profit foundation that has it roots in our congregation. We continue to invest in the work of Granting Grace and support its focus on assisting those who are most in need. You can learn more about Granting Grace on our website.


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