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Wednesday, June 28 6:30 PM 

Pastor Linda is always up for some good conversation. In fact, meeting over coffee (iced or hot) is one of her favorite ways to know people, deepen relationships and answer questions. Of course, she doesn't always have all the answers, but the conversation is always a gift. Give her a call, text or email and arrange a meet-up. Office chats are always welcome, too!

From time-to-time, it feels like a good idea to invite a group to gather and see where the conversation takes us. You're invited to join in a friendly chat Wednesday , June 28 at 6:30. The Upper Room Sunday School Class is hosting and will provide light refreshments. We'll meet in the lower level, Fellowship Hall. 

Summer Faith Bingo

Can you cover the card this summer? 

Download your card and challenge your family or group to complete the Summer Faith Bingo card by August 1st!

Summer means a break in routines and practices, but can also be a time to discover new ways to live out your faith. 

Breakfast is Ready

Every Third Saturday

9:00 AM

July 21

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