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1, 2, 3...Counting Counts


I’m a fan of Sesame Street. I watched it almost daily with my daughter when she was very young. Should I have the opportunity, I would happily stop what I’m doing to watch an episode today. One of my favorite Sesame Street characters, even to this day, is Count von Count, known as the Count. His exuberant way of shouting out numbers as he counts makes me smile every time.

We count a lot of things at church. In-person attendance, online attendance, the number of people in Sunday School, and study groups. And, of course, the offering. We’ve begun sharing worship attendance and offering details in the weekly bulletins and other communication. I’ve also realized there is more counting needed. Not because the numbers are significant but because the numbers represent people, and people give us something to celebrate.

On Sunday, eight people gathered to help sort and stuff gift bags for new teachers at Cape Middle School—an untold number of people donated to the 3-week collection. We will gift the new teachers at the school next door with many highlighters, dry-erase markers, red grading pens, Post-It notes, and snacks--so many snacks. Thank you!

We will begin counting and celebrating the number of people participating in our mission and service projects. As our new Mission and Service Team begins its work, we will see the numbers grow. It will be exciting to realize that more and more of us are participating in efforts to reach out and care for our community. Our next big project will be Saturday, September 16, when we will host a mobile food bank and community breakfast. That same morning, we’ll host our regular monthly breakfast fellowship. We’ll offer a to-go breakfast for those who receive the gift of groceries from the food bank, along with a sincere invitation to join the group in Fellowship Hall for coffee and conversation.

There is one more number to celebrate. That is the number of you who generously give your time to care for our church. Over the past several weeks, we’ve needed people to help clean up after a storm (thank you, Dan Niswonger, Steve Mathes, and David Gross), assess damage from a lightning strike, help reach out to church members and friends we haven’t seen in a while, all while continuing to make worship happen, do the work of the Administrative Council, check in on the homebound, pray for our church, lead small groups, handle regular building management and so much more. Thank you!

We have so much to celebrate; let the counting begin, using our best Count von Count voices, of course! ONE! TWO! THREE….!

Peace, Pastor Linda

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