Current Worship Series: Angels Among Us

The angels that appear in the story of Jesus’ birth would have been very comfortable in our world of social media messaging. They quickly got to the point— their favorite line being #DoNotBeAfraid.


The stories of angelic messengers to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds can still guide us. Join us Sunday mornings at 9:00 or 11:00 as we consider ways we to live as counter-cultural messengers of hope, peace, joy and love to the world.

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Sunday Morning Worship

9 AM (Traditional)    

11 AM (Modern) 



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November 27, 2022
October 18, 2022
October 15, 2022

Some trusted words and images come to my mind during Advent. When we light the Advent candles in worship or in our home, I'm reminded that we are creating a circle of light week by week. It's a circle that will be complete as Advent draws to a close and we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. Throughout Advent, "Canticle of the Turning" is a song that repeatedly plays in my home, car, office, and heart. I find the words to be powerfully prophetic.

I am, admittedly, someone who likes to join a party. I mean, if something extraordinary or unusual is happening, I want to be there. Within reason, of course. When I learned about Tower Rock and that people were trekking across the Mississippi River bed to climb on it, I knew I wanted to get there.

It seems like a simple thing. Finding time to get away, turn off your phone and just...breathe. Every October, an ever-evolving group of family and friends meet at a state park in western Iowa to do just that. There are a couple of high spots in the park where mobile phone reception is possible. But at some point, your spirit reminds that the world will go on without you. Your best choice, then, is to settle back into your place around the fire pit and listen to another story.