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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

It’s not often that a fast-food restaurant speaks to my heart. But oh, my goodness, Burger King, you’ve managed to grab my attention. The roadside sign reads, “The King has a job for you.” Of course, the franchise is calling on its name to jazz up the news that they, like so many businesses, have job openings.

I doubt it’s what the ad agency had in mind, but when I see the BK sign, I think of Jesus. These days leading to Christmas are intended as days to prepare for a royal birth. We think of the description of Jesus the angel gave Mary.

He will be great and he will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will given him the throne of David his father. He will rule over Jacob’s house forever, and there will be no end to his kingdom.” (Common English Bible)

His will hardly seem like a royal birth. Parents without means, born in a stable, shepherds as the first visitors. His life will also be less than king-like. Jesus will grow to become a traveling preacher, teacher and healer.

We need signs that give us holy nudges. We may not think of our faith as a “job.” “Calling may be a better fit. Our calling is to be followers of Jesus. It’s a call and claim extended to us by the one who asks to be Lord of our lives. So you could say that our king has a job for us.

A song in our United Methodist Hymnal opens with “All earth is waiting to see the Promised One. The song reflects the words of the prophet Isaiah and goes on to say,

The world bound and struggling

seeks true liberty, cries out for justice

and searches for the truth.

So yes, you could say that our king has a job for us. It is to join with Jesus in the work of sharing the good news. Christ was born in Bethlehem. Christ is with us today and will remain with us throughout eternity.

What calling—what job is Christ setting before you today? If you don’t know or are unsure, keep looking for the signs. Along with all the earth we wait and look. The Promised One-the Royal One—is on his way. Thanks be to God!

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