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Resolved...Or Not...

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

A sort of moral debate happens around this time of year. New Year’s Resolutions: Good or Bad? Helpful or Hurtful? Serious or Laughable? Some dive into the new year, ready to look back, assess where they can make changes, and resolve to make it happen in the year ahead. Others see the practice as something that will most surely lead to failure.

I’ve made and failed at my share of New Year resolutions. And there have been times when I’ve recognized both the need and the readiness to do life differently. The start of a new year is a natural time to consider taking something in your life that isn’t quite working and making a fresh start.

I wonder if we often struggle to make changes because we don’t begin with our “why.” You may be familiar with the Simon Sinek Ted Talk from some time ago, in which he emphasized the value of putting “why” over “what.” In so many parts of our lives, we tend to focus on doing things as we believe they should and still feel empty or unfulfilled. Our “why” is missing or misplaced.

We’ve just completed a season of preparing for and celebrating God’s entrance into our lives in a new and startling way. Jesus, we said, over again these past several weeks, came to be the light of God amid darkness, a light that would not be overcome. Perhaps, when we think about making changes, we fail to let the power of that light be at the center of our “why.” What might happen if we began this new year by better understanding what Jesus offers and what he asks and let that become our why for all parts of our lives?


Pastor Linda

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